From the idea of ​​Infinergy proposed by Ardan Chrisyufa on creative ideas, Ardan Chrisyufa succeeded in becoming an outstanding mapping student at the Automation Engineering Technology in 2022. Ardan Chrisyufa, fondly called Ardan, was born on October 10, 2001, is a student from the Kudus Regency. His interest in instrumentation and control prompted Ardan to register as a student at Automation Engineering Technology Diponegoro University Vocational School. Ardan officially became a student of Automation Engineering Technology in 2020 with guardian lecturer, Ari Bawono Putranto, S.Si, M.Sc.

In the midst of his busy life as a 4th semester student, Ardan still gains many achievements both at the university and national levels. In 2021, Ardan won 1st place in the Antropreneur Business Plan Competition, in the same year he won a Gold Medal at the International Youth Business Competition (IYBC). Ardan is also active in student activities, as Head of the Research and Development Department, Research and Business SME at Diponegoro University Research and Business UKM.

With a lot of achievements and busyness, Ardan can intelligently divide his time. Ardan still achieves a cum laude GPA in achieving academic grades. With this achievement, Ardan represented Automation Engineering Technology in the selection of mapping outstanding students in 2022 at the Vocational School of Diponegoro University.