Jatilawang – The rapid development of technology today has brought major changes to human life. One example is technology in the field of robotics. “Robot” technology is no stranger to today’s young generation, especially with the existence of gadgets and the ease of life offered by electronic devices.

A robot is a mechanical device that can perform physical tasks either under human supervision and control or using a predetermined program (artificial intelligence). The term robot comes from the Czech word “Robota” which means a worker or coolie who does not get tired or bored.

Therefore, the KKN group of Universitas Diponegoro students, namely Jeremia Haganta S Kembaren from the D4 (Bachelor of Applied Science) Automation Engineering Technology program, held an education “Increasing Children’s Interest in Robotics” aimed at the children of SDN 01 Jatilawang in Jatilawang village with the aim that the children could understand current technological developments and being able to use technology well and usefully, as well as knowing about the world of robotics which will later be able to stimulate children’s creativity.

Education regarding “Increasing Children’s Interest in Robotics” was delivered by the Universitas Diponegoro Team 1 KKN student, Jeremia Haganta S Kembaren, Faculty of Vocational School 2023. The educational activity was carried out at SDN 1 Jatilawang, Jatilawang village, Wonosamudro District, Boyolali Regency.

Students provided educational materials and demos with presentations and were accompanied by showing the results of making a robotic Solar-powered Rover Car and an Electric Rope Climbing Robot as prototypes for demonstration material if making a robot is very useful. Making robots is also aimed at increasing children’s creativity.

So with this educational “Increasing Children’s Interest in Robotics” it is hoped that children in Jatilawang village will gain a lot of insight into what technology is and what robots are. In this way, in the future when children grow up, they will be better prepared to face technological developments which are currently developing very rapidly and children will be able to become the nation’s successors who can advance Indonesia.

Writer: Jeremia Haganta S Kembaren, Automation Engineering Technology Student, Vocational School, UNDIP

Supervisor: Ir. Raden Ario, M.Sc.

Location : Jatilawang Village, Wonosamodro Subdistrict, Boyolali Regency, Central Java