The empowerment of village communities is being vigorously carried out by the government, one form of government business is the enactment of UU No. 6 y. 2014 concerning Villages. The law is regulating the development and empowerment of villages. A village communities empowerment is a program to develop community independence and welfare by increasing knowledge, attitudes, skills, behavior, abilities, awareness, and utilizing resources through the establishment of policies, programs, activities, and assistance in accordance with the problem and priority needs of the village community.

In community service activities, empowerment and village community development are carried out for the Sambirejo Village group or called the Prima Melati Village Group SMEs. Sambirejo Village is located in the Ngawen sub-district of Gunung Kidul Regency of D.I. Yogyakarta which has an area of ±832,555 Ha, with a total family size of 2613 families, the total population of 7724 consists of 3900 male residents and 3824 female residents. Majority of Sambirejo villagers are farmers, because the village has fertile agricultural land. Nowadays, the production of the Prima Melati Village Group mainly produced as chips. The process of making chips is relatively simple and easy, but to obtain quality chips some adequate equipment is needed, one of which is an oil strainer (spinner). Using a spinner, more delicate chips and relatively little oil content will be obtained, making it better for health.

Figure. Crisps products of Prima Melati Village Groups SMEs.

An oil strainer is a machine that has the functions to reduce the oil content in fried food and improve the quality of food to make it more durable for consumption. The machine uses a drive motor as its primary power source and drives a shaft designed on the Spinner Tube for the drilling process. Generally, this draining process is still carried out with a manual slicer which takes a long time so it is less efficient. Nowadays, the price of spinners on the market is relatively high so it is difficult to reach farmers or SME groups who want to make processed chips, for this reason, it is necessary to find other alternatives to get cheaper tools. One of the answers to this problem is to make a simple oil slicer (spinner) made of cheap and easy-to-obtain materials.