Gudang – In order to improve health services to the community, a tool demonstration and delivery of an Arduino UNO-based automatic height measuring tool was carried out at Posyandu Dusun Gudang. In the event, two participants performed as witnesses to the inauguration of the tool which is expected to facilitate the process of measuring body height accurately. 

The program aimed to introduce technological innovations in the health sector to the community, especially for Posyandu Dusun Gudang. This automatic height measuring tool was developed using Arduino UNO technology and an ultrasonic sensor -enabling faster, more accurate and more efficient height measurements. 

It is hoped that the presence of this tool at Posyandu Dusun Gudang would provide great benefits in monitoring the growth of children and adults in the village. With easier measurements and more accurate results, it is hoped that health services at Posyandu Dusun Gudang will get better and make a positive contribution to community welfare. 

Furthermore, it is hoped that this automatic height measuring tool handover event will be a good start to improving the quality of health services at Posyandu Dusun Gudang. With the existence of supporting technology, it is hoped that the public will be increasingly interested in being active in routine health check programs and encouraging awareness of the importance of health monitoring, especially for children who are growing up.