Automation Engineering Technology has succeeded in realizing the vision and mission of the study program, which is to produce quality graduates who have expertise in the field of Automation Engineering Technology. It is evident from the results of a tracer study conducted by Diponegoro University in 2021, as many as 79% of STr Study Program graduates. Automated Engineering Technology has got the job done. The graduates work in various fields including in the automotive field, in the field of software and robot automation solutions, in the field of instrumentation and measurement, and others. These fields are in accordance with the profile of graduates of the Automation Engineering Technology, namely Automation Control Engineer, Automation Technician, PLC Programmer, Technopreneur/Industrial Automation Sales, Creator/Innovator, Automation Product Supervisor. The average waiting time required by graduates to get a job is 0-5 months. Of course, with this achievement, it proves that graduates of the STr. Automation Engineering Technology is ready to work and is very much needed by the industry.